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Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPL) has been around since 1920.  PPL Electric Utilities Corporation serves more than 1.4 million electric customers as an electric delivery company; that is PPL is in charge of delivering the power from the generation  plants to the consumers (households, offices, schools, malls, etc.).

Before deregulation PPL was also in charge of generating the electricity that PPL customers consume.  That has now changed, though many electric consumers are still on the PPL default rate.  If your reason for sticking with the PPL default rate is loyalty you should know that PPL does not see a profit from serving you as a generation customer.  They do however see a profit from you as a customer of their power delivery service which account for about 30% of your monthly bill.  The rest of the bill, the generation charge, is open to competition.  PPL encourages their customers to shop for lower generation charges.

Currently, there are electricity supply companies who are offering rates below the PPL default rates.