PECO General Service Rate Customers Find Savings with Competitive Suppliers

The PECO Price-to-Compare rate for small commercial size businesses is set to change at the end of November. The new rate is expected to increase and is set to take effect at the beginning of December. PECO is no longer a producer of electricity but instead has become a purchaser for those residences and businesses who have not chosen a competitive energy supplier. The Price-to-Compare rate can change every 3 months and does not offer price security for businesses looking to protect themselves from higher rates.

The list of competitive electric suppliers entering the Pennsylvania market continues to grow. Small businesses shopping for competitive rates in the PECO area can save between 5-15% versus the PECO commercial price-to-compare . The switch rate for this area is expected to increase as more businesses are finding cheaper alternatives to PECO. Locking in a lower commercial Pennsylvania electric rate with a competitive supplier will only change the supply portion of the PECO electric bill. A business choosing a competitive supplier will continue to receive one electric bill from PECO showing both the delivery and supply charges.

As we approach the winter months a smart idea will be to start shopping for competitive commercial electric rates. Cold winters have been known to cause a rise in demand for energy causing prices to increase. Locking in a fixed rate now for this period will put a ceiling on rising prices. The large number of competitive suppliers entering the market also means more options to choose from. Businesses can lock in a fixed rate for as short as 3 months or as far out as 48 months.

Select your bill size below to shop for competitive commercial PECO electricity rates.

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