Met-Ed Increases Price to Compare by 14.6%

The majority of Met-Ed residential customers experienced a rate hike of 14.6% on December 1, 2015 which is starting to be seen on Met-Ed electric bills that are arriving in late January. Only customers who are being charged the Met-Ed “Price to Compare” will be affected. Customers who have taken advantage of Pennsylvania electricity choice laws and switched onto a lower rate structure plan will not be affected by the rate increase. Surprisingly, more than 68% of Met-Ed residential customers were on the “Price to Compare” default rate as of December 2015.

Customers who have not taken advantage of electricity choice in Pennsylvania can still do so and avoid the rate hike and ultimately save money on their Met-Ed electric bills. Unlike other electricity choice states, Pennsylvania does not have a limited window period for shopping. Met-Ed customers can switch off of the “Price to Compare” rate and onto a lower competitive rate plan at anytime. Competitive electricity suppliers are offering electricity rates that are in some cases more than 20% lower than the new Met-Ed default rate. The act of switching electricity suppliers is one of the easiest ways for people to lower their electric bills.

Shop and compare Met-Ed electricity price offers below. All companies must be licensed by the Pennsylvania Utility Commission in order to sell power. Switching suppliers can be done completely online. There is no interruption in power service, no appointments with service people, and no change in power quality associated with switching electricity suppliers.

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