Lowest Duquesne Light Electric Rates

In the state of Pennsylvania, energy consumers serviced by Duquesne Light have discovered that they now have the ability to shop for power from alternative companies. Competitive electricity companies have entered the Pennsylvania electric choice market in hopes of gaining market share by offering low electric rates and in some cases alternative green energy options. Duquesne Light provides power to more than 560,000 residential customers throughout the city of Pittsburgh and certain suburbs. As the state’s third largest service area, new Pennsylvania electricity companies are likely to offer their services to Duquesne Light customers which should continue to lower electric rates in the area.

Taking the time to compare electric rates can provide a number of benefits to Duquesne Light customers. Customers have found that comparing electricity rates can result in reducing their monthly electric bills by just by locking in a low fixed rate. For some consumers the price for the electricity that they pay is not as much as an issue as how that power is derived. These consumers are willing to pay a premium for their electricity service in order to support green energy alternatives to traditional fossil fuel sources of power. Competition in the energy markets also forces energy companies to compete for customers by improving their customer service.

Finding the lowest electric rate offered to Duquesne Light customers can be a timely task. With now over 30 electricity companies licensed by the state there are an estimated 15 companies offering service to Duquesne Light residential customers at any given time. Energy price comparison tools, like the one offered below, allow residential electricity customers to quickly compare rates among multiple licensed electricity companies so that they can easily see who is offering the lowest Duquesne Light electric rate.

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