Low Electric Rates in Philadelphia

by admin on June 13, 2012

Philadelphia energy customers have the ability to shop for low electric rates thanks to the state of Pennsylvania implementing a electricity choice market. Other states, such as Texas and New Jersey, have had great success with electricity choice. The results have been lower electricity rates, more product options, better customer service, and more jobs for the local economy.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has made electricity shopping for residential customers an easy process. Customers in Philadelphia looking for the lowest electric rates simply need to compare the competitive electric rates to the Price to Compare offered through PECO energy. The Price to Compare includes generation and transmission rates, but does not include distribution charges. The PA PUCT not only requires PECO to post the price to compare on the electric bill, but they also require all competitive offers to be an apples to apples comparison of the price to compare.

The apples to apples price comparison requirement eliminates the chance for hidden fees and surprise charges. Consumers can simply shop for the lowest electric rates by comparing numbers if that is their primary agenda. Some consumers will be willing to pay more for other rate product options such as green energy or long term fixed price security. The apples to apples comparison requirement is only extended to residential customers. Business customer need to review their contract carefully. Competitive electricity companies in Philadelphia are not allowed to charge fixed monthly fees (on top of the rate) or switching fees.

Below are competitive low electric rates in Philadelphia, pricing is updated daily.

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