Current PECO Electricity Price Options

Competition in the Pennsylvania electricity market has provided consumers with hundreds or rate options from dozens of licensed supplies. Among the nine Pennsylvania electricity service areas, customers of PECO Energy have the most rate options. PECO Energy is the largest service area in the Keystone State delivering power to 1,599,452 customers. With a constantly changing energy market landscape, staying current on competitive PECO price options is important in order to keep electricity bills low.

In addition to changing competitive PECO price options, customers should be aware of the current PECO Price to Compare rate that changes every three months. The PECO Price to Compare is a default rate option for PECO customers who do not select a competitive Pennsylvania electricity supplier. As of May 2016 a staggering 66% of residential PECO customers were paying the default rate despite savings as high as 16% being offered by competitive suppliers.

Competitive rates that are below the price to compare result in clear savings on the monthly PECO electric bill. The task of finding cheap Pennsylvania electricity rates doesn’t have to be lengthy and difficult. Several online comparison sites exist that allow consumers to compare multiple offers at one sitting. Once an attractive rate plan is identified by the customer, the switch process can happen completely over the computer. After the online order is place, PECO Energy schedules the switch to be make during the customer’s next meter read date. The switch occurs without the need of a person having to come to the property; the entire process happens electronically with the only noticeable change to the customer occurring on the price seen on the monthly electric bill.

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