Choosing a Qualified Electricity Supplier for Philadelphia Businesses

For an electricity supplier to legally sell power to Philadelphia businesses, they must first be licensed by Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. A list of licensed electricity suppliers can be found at the PPUC website. The list will provide dozens of electricity suppliers with the contact information for each one.

To obtain business electricity rate, simply call the number and the sales representative will ask a few basic questions which may include your service address, PECO account number, and the start date you wish for the competitive rate to take effect. Keep in mind Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission requires a 17 day business notice prior to switching to a competitive supplier for a given month. You will not have to contact PECO directly as this will be done through the supplier you sign with. If you miss the deadline your new rate will go into affect the following month.

The PECO commercial electric bill for your business in Philadelphia will contain a price to compare rate. The price to compare is the legal term used by PECO to make it easy for a business to compare competitive electricity rates. The price to compare rate will include all components of the supply charge including the gross receipt tax.

When choosing a qualified electricity supplier for a business let the supplier know that you want the price to compare rate. This rate will provide your business the apples to apples comparison to the PECO default rate and will be a good indicator on how much you can expect to save. If you decide to sign a fixed rate with a competitive supplier you can still receive one electric bill from PECO which will contain the competitive supply charge and the regulated delivery charge.

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