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Business Electricity Choice in Allentown PA

Business customers located in Allentown have seen constant fluctuations in the PPL electric default rate. The electric price uncertainty has resulted in an increase in participation in the competitive commercial electricity choice market. In 2010 as PPL’s cap rates first expired, the race was on for competitive electricity suppliers to obtain their license in order [...]

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PPL Savings Available for Energy Comparison Shoppers

PPL price to compare rates have slowly risen for consumers who have elected not to shop for competitive power prices over the past year. Though PPL electricity supply rates are among the lowest in the state, customers can save even more by participating in Pennsylvania energy choice and finding a lower electric rate with a [...]

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PECO Residential Rate Increase

PECO is estimating a 19% increase on their residential price to compare rates in the fall. The PECO price to compare rates are the charges that customers pay for electricity generation and transmission, who have not selected a competitive electricity company to supply power. The average electricity household who uses 1,000 KWh a month currently [...]

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Low Electric Rates in Philadelphia

Philadelphia energy customers have the ability to shop for low electric rates thanks to the state of Pennsylvania implementing a electricity choice market. Other states, such as Texas and New Jersey, have had great success with electricity choice. The results have been lower electricity rates, more product options, better customer service, and more jobs for [...]

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PECO Switch Statistics

The PECO electricity market is proving to be one of the most active and competitive markets in the country. Though competition did not officially begin in the area until January 1, 2011 when rate caps that were sanctioned in 1997 were lifted, there has already been tremendous switching activity and supplier participation. Over 370,000 residential [...]

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