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Lowest Duquesne Light Electric Rates

In the state of Pennsylvania, energy consumers serviced by Duquesne Light have discovered that they now have the ability to shop for power from alternative companies. Competitive electricity companies have entered the Pennsylvania electric choice market in hopes of gaining market share by offering low electric rates and in some cases alternative green energy options. [...]

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Why Utilities Do Not Care if You Switch to a Competitive Electricity Supplier

Perhaps the most important thing to realize is that you are not leaving your current utility company when you switch to a competitive electricity supplier. It may be the terminology of a ‘competing market’ and ‘competing suppliers’ being used that makes it seem this way. The Pennsylvania Energy Choice Program is allowing ‘competing suppliers’ to [...]

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PA Electric Choice Reaches 2 Million Customers

In February the Pennsylvania electricity choice market, one of the most active deregulated power markets in the country, saw its participating customer count surpass two million. This means that over two million electricity consumers in Pennsylvania are now buying power from a competitive supplier and not their local incumbent electric utility. The milestone is significant [...]

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PECO Price Update February 2013

PECO Energy has published on their website that the "Price to Compare" for residential customers will increase by 10.35% on April 1, 2013. The price increase will effect all PECO electricity customers who have not shopped for an alternative electricity supplier, and are therefor receiving default service for their power generation. Consumers who do not [...]

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Business Electricity Consumers Face Higher Power Charges

If your business is located in New Jersey or Pennsylvania you can expect to pay higher electricity prices in 2013. PJM, the regional transmission organization that coordinates the movement of wholesale electricity in most of the northeast, has announced that there will be a significant increase in both transmission and capacity charges. For some customers [...]

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Shopping for Competitive Business Electricity Rates in MetEd

With the Met-Ed default electricity rate being highly volatile, businesses are turning towards competitive commercial electricity rates for price security and savings. If your business is new to shopping around for competitive electricity rates, a good place to begin is paelectricity.org who will provide a list of commercial power rates from licensed electricity suppliers upon [...]

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Advantages of Using Pennsylvania Electricity Brokers

Often times a business in Pennsylvania searching for a fixed electricity rate will be caught off guard by the vast amount of information thrown at them by the supplier. Commercial electricity contracts can be confusing and contain language that is unfamiliar to the common businessman. Unlike residential rates where laws are set up to protect [...]

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Choosing a Qualified Electricity Supplier for Philadelphia Businesses

For an electricity supplier to legally sell power to Philadelphia businesses, they must first be licensed by Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. A list of licensed electricity suppliers can be found at the PPUC website. The list will provide dozens of electricity suppliers with the contact information for each one. To obtain business electricity rate, simply [...]

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