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Electric Rates in PPL

New electricity suppliers are offering service in the PPL service area as the energy choice market continues to expand offering better price options.  The unbundling of PPL in 2010 allows consumers to power shop from dozens of competitive electricity suppliers now offering electric rates in Pennsylvania.  The popularity in electric rate shopping is spreading as [...]

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Despite Falling PECO Price to Compare Rates Competitive Suppliers Continue to Offer Electric Rate Savings

PECO Energy customers who have remained on the sidelines in regards to shopping for competitive electricity rates might feel that they have made the smart choice as PECO Energy has announced two rate cuts. The PECO Price to Compare, which is the electricity rate customers pay who have not entered into an electricity price agreement [...]

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Competitive Penelec Rates Provide Savings to Residential Customers

Residential electricity customers of First Energy's Pennsylvania utility Penelec are discovering lower price options through electricity choice. Penelec is one of nine utilities who are part of the Pennsylvania Electricity Choice and Competition Act, which allows customers to shop for competitive priced power supply plans from alternative suppliers who are licensed by the state. The [...]

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Current PECO Electricity Price Options

Competition in the Pennsylvania electricity market has provided consumers with hundreds or rate options from dozens of licensed supplies. Among the nine Pennsylvania electricity service areas, customers of PECO Energy have the most rate options. PECO Energy is the largest service area in the Keystone State delivering power to 1,599,452 customers. With a constantly changing [...]

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Met-Ed Increases Price to Compare by 14.6%

The majority of Met-Ed residential customers experienced a rate hike of 14.6% on December 1, 2015 which is starting to be seen on Met-Ed electric bills that are arriving in late January. Only customers who are being charged the Met-Ed "Price to Compare" will be affected. Customers who have taken advantage of Pennsylvania electricity choice [...]

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Lowest PPL Electricity Rates

Pennsylvania consumers who receive their electric bills from Pennsylvania Power & Light, PPL, are once again looking to competitive electricity suppliers to lower their energy costs. Competition has forced prices down resulting in a high savings potential for residential consumers who are still on the PPL default rate plan. PPL energy choice is bringing greater [...]

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PPL Competitive Rates Offer Savings Against High Price to Compare

Last year the competitive electricity market in he PPL region saw a retraction in participation among the residential class; fewer customer purchased their power from a competitive supplier in 2014 than in the previous year. That trend is reversing as 2015 has brought in higher PPL price to compare default rates and lower competitive pricing. [...]

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Pennsylvania Variable Electric Rates See Huge Spike

Many Pennsylvania electricity consumers who selected a variable rate plan over the last two years saw huge and unexpected increases on their electric bills in February. With normal electricity rates in the 7 to 10 cent range over the last few years, consumers were shocked to open up bills that reported they were paying over [...]

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Third of PECO Residential Customers Participating in Electric Choice

As of February 2014, one-third of PECO Energy's residential electricity customers are participating in the Pennsylvania Electricity Choice program and buying their power from a competitive electricity supplier. Through the Pennsylvania choice laws consumers receiving their power from PECO Energy have the ability to shop for competitive electric rates the same way they would shop [...]

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